Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Industrial dining table made of a simple IKEA table

I am so excited about this project I just start today. I have had this table for almost a year. I guess I never had enough time to start it. But now... since in a few months I will have many many many visitors, I decided its time to give some life to this simple wood table.

What I love about IKEA is that they really offer a variety of furniture, perhaps some of them doesn´t really have any style. But this kind of furniture are the ones I love the most, because you already have the basic materials to CREATE and DECORATE them with the style that you prefer. 

The table I am working on right now is this:

and my inspiration table is this. 

well... it wont look exactly the same, since mine will continue being  a dining table. But I want mine to have that nice industrial look.

If you want to see the progress of my new project please be checking my blog. I will be posting every progress I make.

Before start painting the 4 legs of the table I impregnated all the structure, preceded by cleaning all the surface.

After making sure that all the surface was clean, I applied a latex based primer. 

I started painting the four legs of the table. It´s important to know how to prepare the wood surface properly before you start painting it.

If you want to know a little bit more about this process I suggest you to read this: instructions are very helpful

I finished painting the black part. This part will simulate metal. I really like how the table looks with this black part, it looks much more alive! 

I am sorry I took a bit to post Progress 5, but I had to go to the tool market to buy extra details for my industrial table. This are the two things I bought.

I painted the tacks and then...  (well, pictures describe everything better)


I put one of this pieces to each leg of my table and this is the result:

Perhaps you notice that the wood on top looks a little bit white at the moment. That´s because today I applied the second layer of wood glaze, but tomorrow it will look great. 


Have you noticed the price?!!!! Yeah...  more than $1,200!!!! Guess what I have spent on mine?? .... $90 (table included)

Why not comparing it again? 


And how about make a summary by looking at the BEFORE and the AFTER.



I also want to let you know that I have just opened a facebook account:  . There you can share some projects that you have done. From architectonic to handcrafts.

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  1. Hi Sara, I loved what you did with the table! I have a question for you, I purchased the same exact table at Ikea this weekend and while I will not be changing the look of it I would like to protect/ seal the unfinished pine and was wondering what you used on the table top to seal the wood..? I've been researching the methods of using tung oil vs polyurethane but I am inexperienced with this and the amount of information can be overwhelming. I don't care to stain and change the color, just want to protect against water and stains as it is a dining table. Your help/advice is greatly appreciated.