Carnival hats - DIY

Finally I have found what I have been looking for so long! I have always wanted to have in my bedroom a nice bamboo lamp. Unfortunately most of the ones I have seen are very expensive... way out of my budget. Just like this o
At this time of the year is kind of difficult to find some nice carnival hats. So after spending almost half day looking for them, I decided to do the on my own.

Once you discover how to do the first one, the next ones won´t require a lot of work. I made a template myself, and after some tries... I got my hat.

Luckily I found this nice paper. Check out the results 

On this picture you can see the materials I used and the hats after I made them.


Bamboo hanging lamp made out of a food cover

Finally I have found what I have been looking for so long! I have always wanted to have in my bedroom a nice bamboo lamp. Unfortunately most of the ones I have seen are very expensive... way out of my budget. Just like this one:

Last week I went for a walk and found a store where they were selling this nice bamboo food cover. 

When I saw it... it was love at first sight! haha :) I read: bamboo food cover but in my mind what I was just looking at was my new bedroom lamp. 

I could not wait to come home and transform this amazing thing. I love the texture, the color. I love everything about it.

As you can see, it was super easy to transform it into a lamp. 

I love it so much! It is exactly what I was looking for and I did not have to spend a lot of money.

Do you like it? 


Bathroom transformation

At the moment I am working on a little project, so it is still not 100% finish. But I am so excited about it, that I have decided to show you some pictures of the: BEFORE. Just to give you a little advance.


The bathroom is completely white and the clients expressed me their wish to have a bathroom where as soon as they walk in, they  get a warm feeling. 

I started this project today so check my blog tomorrow if you are interested to see the result. 


And so as I have promised, here are some pictures of the bathroom transformation. 

It is good to always put some little details everywhere. Something that transmit you a warm feeling and create a good atmosphere. The owners are renting this place, that´s why they could not change the color of the tiles. They told me since the beginning that they wanted to have a bathroom with a warm atmosphere and that is the reason why I decided to use some wood. I think wood is a material that transmit a warm feeling.  

I also gave some color to the bathroom by adding some dark red details, such as towels, candles, glasses, etc. 

I hope you like the transformation. Tomorrow I will post more photos, so keep visiting my blog and please let me know if you like my work.


Bathroom furniture design

I will continue this week showing you a piece of furniture that I designed. A client wanted a nice piece of furniture for the bathroom to put it on top of the sink. 

We know that the best place to put a mirror in the bathroom is on top of the sink and besides the mirror, there must always be some kind of shelf to put the toothbrush, the toothpaste and so on.

We already know the traditional bathroom shelves:


Useful, but nevertheless with a lack of style! So... what I tried to do was to create something that could fulfill this 2 characteristics. 

After making a few sketches I felt attracted by this shape in specific. Its really not a very complex shape, but the look is very nice and there is enough space either to put some small decorations like the one you see on this picture, or to put the toothbrush, toothpaste, face towels, etc.


If you are interested in buying this product, write me to: architectandabitmore@gmail.com. This nice and useful piece of furniture can be customized in order to fulfill your needs.

Si estás interesado en comprar este producto no dudes en contactarme. Este producto puede ajustarse a tus necesidades. Puedes ordenarlo en el color y tamaño que prefieras.

Wenn Sie Interesse an diesem Produkt haben, bitte schreiben Sie mir an: architectandabitmore@gmail.com. Dieses schöne und nützliche Möbelstück kann individuell angepasst werden, um Ihre Wunsche zu erfüllen.


Industrial dining table made of a simple IKEA table.

I am so excited about this project I just start today. I have had this table for almost a year. I guess I never had enough time to start it. But now... since in a few months I will have many many many visitors, I decided its time to give some life to this simple wood table.

What I love about IKEA is that they really offer a variety of furniture, perhaps some of them doesn´t really have any style. But this kind of furniture are the ones I love the most, because you already have the basic materials to CREATE and DECORATE them with the style that you prefer. 

The table I am working on right now is this:

and my inspiration table is this. 

well... it wont look exactly the same, since mine will continue being  a dining table. But I want mine to have that nice industrial look.

If you want to see the progress of my new project please be checking my blog. I will be posting every progress I make.

Before start painting the 4 legs of the table I impregnated all the structure, preceded by cleaning all the surface.

After making sure that all the surface was clean, I applied a latex based primer. 

I started painting the four legs of the table. It´s important to know how to prepare the wood surface properly before you start painting it.

If you want to know a little bit more about this process I suggest you to read this: http://voices.yahoo.com/diy-home-improvement-prepare-wood-surfaces-389358.html?cat=30This instructions are very helpful

I finished painting the black part. This part will simulate metal. I really like how the table looks with this black part, it looks much more alive! 

I am sorry I took a bit to post Progress 5, but I had to go to the tool market to buy extra details for my industrial table. This are the two things I bought.

I painted the tacks and then...  (well, pictures describe everything better)


I put one of this pieces to each leg of my table and this is the result:

Perhaps you notice that the wood on top looks a little bit white at the moment. That´s because today I applied the second layer of wood glaze, but tomorrow it will look great. 


Have you noticed the price?!!!! Yeah...  more than $1,200!!!! Guess what I have spent on mine?? .... $90 (table included)

Why not comparing it again? 


And how about make a summary by looking at the BEFORE and the AFTER.



I also want to let you know that I have just opened a facebook account: 
https://www.facebook.com/ArchitectAndABitMore?ref=hl  . There you can share some projects that you have done. From architectonic to handcrafts.

Si son de habla hispana y no pueden hablar ingles, por favor escribanme a: architectandabitmore@gmail.com. Si desean que yo explique alguno de mis proyectos en español. Por favor no duden en escribirme.


Toilet paper rolls decoration

This is one of my favorite handcrafts. It took me a while to do it, but it really worth it! For this project I had to collect like... who knows how many toilet paper rolls. It took a little while, but once I had enough... it was time to start my work.

I started cluing the flower in the center and then I continued gluing the paper rolls around it. You have to wait until some are dried on order to continue gluing the others around. 

At the end you can paint it with any color that you like. I decided to leave it with the natural color, because it combines with the color of the walls. 

The project its not difficult, but it requires a lot of time. So if you are a very patient person, you can start doing this project as soon as possible.

Who would believe that this nice wall decoration has been made out of toilet paper rolls isnt? I bet that if you paint it, nobody will ever find out what it is really made of.


Birthday party candy Buffet 

Something you should never miss in a birthday party in my country is a piñata. There, there are many people who makes such things and for a very accessible price. Piñatas brings so much fun to a birthday party.

Another easy idea to create something very nice for a birthday party are this delicious and sympathetic candy sticks. Its not only important how you make them, but also how you present them. 

You can put them in a table closer to the birthday cake for example. This is just one of the many things you can put in a candy buffet. Candy buffet? what is that you must be asking. Well... a candy buffet is a big display of premium candy that is designed to complement the color or theme of your event. This kind of buffets provide a beautiful backdrop and delicious decor for any kind of occasion or event.

Today I propose you to do this candy sticks, that will catch the attention of the kids for sure. Its a very easy and cheap idea. All you will need are some wood sticks and all kind of sweets that you like.

Candy buffets are very popular in parties. Use your imagination to create a new way to serve a salad to the kids. Here I give you some proposals that you can take as inspiration for the next birthday parties of your kids.

Nice and simple :) 


Funny paint for the bathroom

Something you should never miss in a birthday party in my country is a piñata. There, there are many people who makes such things and for a very accessible price. Piñatas brings so much fun to a birthday party.

Paints are not only to decorate living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. You can also put some paints in the bathroom. But I know its difficult to find a perfect painting to put there. So... how about making your own painting... better, how about making a funny painting.

You know that this is the room of the house... that almost every of your visitors will visit ;)

This is a very simple project, super easy, super cheap.

We will need:

* 1 canvas 
and paint of your favorite color 

I took this picture from the internet, I printed it and then I drew it over the canvas. Once I have done it I painted the white part and then the rest with the other paint color.

This is the final result. A nice and a easy DIY-painting for your bathroom. Search in the internet, you will find many funny images that you can select and later use to do your own art to hang it in the bathroom.